Why I created this blog!

This blog was created so that all the nature information I have collected about:

bees, birds, butterflies/moths, dragonflies/damselflies, frogs/toads, insects, mammals, reptiles, and white tail deer could be in one place for myself and others to enjoy. I also created this blog to put together ideas to make my garden and gardening experience handicap accessible with the hope that it will help others with the same need.

This blog will also include sections about: native plants, gardening native and why that is vital to the environment. Those sections will incorporate organic ideas, organic recipes for eliminating weeds and unharmful ways of keeping animals away from the plants they are not supposed to be near while attracting other creatures who are beneficial to your garden.

Finally, there will be sections for: hardscaping, xeriscaping, sensory gardening and accessibilty ideas to make sure anyone can be included in this “excitement” of life and nature as God intended.

MAYERiment is a play on my maiden name of Mayer and the word merriment which means excitement. I welcome ideas and information from others on the topics mentioned as well as other topics that you think may be useful. For Example: ideas for disabled gardening and vertical gardens.

[I encourage anyone who reads this blog, to create “habitats” for the wildlife I am writing about and as well as other natural wildlife. Instead of destroying trees, swamps, and other habitats where¬†wildlife resides. I will add sections to the menu with information for creating wildlife habitats. I also encourage the use of plants that are native to North America and more specifically to the area where you live. Furthermore, I will stress upon the importance of organic gardening without the use of chemicals and/or pesticides. The professionals define native as any plant, animal or habitat that was here before the Europeans/English came here.]

To Continue To Native Indiana Habitats: https://mayerimentgardens.wordpress.com/indiana-wildlife-habitats/


5 thoughts on “Why I created this blog!

  1. I love this brilliant idea.. Not just the idea but the person in question is the true Love of my heart and my life longs for her..
    How are you Mayer Love…

  2. I am still playing around with how to use wordpress, deciding what I do or do not want on this blog and how to place it so, please, bear with me! Thank you and I hope you like it so far!

  3. I love this! I look forward to learning more from you and hopefully having the knowledge or experience needed to “add to” your blog.

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